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Associated Content Frustrations

I have been writing a little for Associated Content to earn a little, OK very little, cash. Part of the idea behind writing for AC was to improve my web writing and I am finding that just isn’t happening. There just isn’t any feedback on my writing. Since AC only gives a basic stat counter (number of hits only) per article, it is impossible to tell how people are getting to my articles or what they are doing when they get there.

The other major drawback of Associated Content is the lack of editing ability. Are they stuck in the pre-web era? If I write two related articles, it is impossible to edit the first one and add a link to the second. This lowers my total hits per page, which decreases my revenue.

If AC added some more stats information for each article, I could overlook the editing thing. Otherwise I am going to look closer at the other online publishing sites. Off to take a look at the forums to see if the powers that be will be adding better analytics.


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