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Whole Foods – You Suck

Confession time: I do some grocery shopping at Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck). I believe that health and behavior has a lot to do with what kinds of foods one eats and around here Whole Foods is the best place to get certain things. Organic fruits and veggies, vitamins and vegetarian pepperoni being some of those things. I think I mentioned before buying organic for the “dirty dozen” fruits and veggies. We also try to only buy in season which keeps the bill down.

Now on to the reason Whole Foods sucks. The one near my house is smaller and has less turnover of foods than the bigger ones. For a lot of things this doesn’t matter too much but for prepared foods, it is really caveat emptor. Last time I stopped at Whole Foods, I picked up prepackaged pizza crust and a small thing of hummus along with a few other things. Not terribly frugal but I went shopping hungry which is always a mistake. I was looking at the pizza crust yesterday and saw big spots of mold. I opened the hummus and more mold. Neither item was expired either. 😦 So now I have to trek back to WF and return the items.

So much for “convenience foods”.

ETA: I just got back from WF and they refunded my money [i]and[/i] gave me a free pizza crust. The manager said the products are both new and he is investigating.


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