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Back From the Conference and South Beach Diet

The husband is back from the conference! Yay! I am not particularly excited to see how much damage was done to our budget from his eating out for 2 weeks. Oh well. He made some good connections that will hopefully mean a better job for him in the near future. I packed some snacks for the trip but I am sure he gobbled those up pretty quick. Two weeks is a lot of time. Some other on the road frugality tips we discussed:

  • Eating at the university’s cafeteria – which he claimed was pretty good.
  • Buying food at the grocery store – knowing the husband, lunch meat, cheese, mustard and bread.
  • Hitting the poor college student hangouts. Because hole-in-the-walls are always better.

I’m sure that I am forgetting a few but I can just edit, right. 😉

Tomorrow I start the South Beach Diet. I gained a little bitta weight when I moved from a walkable city to, well, here. So tomorrow I am going to start phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. I picked up the book and cookbook from the used bookstore down the street and am trying to figure out a meal plan. Meat is expensive but I think I can substitute using this vegetarian South Beach Diet plan.


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