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Scour – Searching the Web For Fun and Profit

I posted before about using Scour to search the web. They pay in Visa gift cards at certain point values. The minimum cashout is $25 for 6500 points. It has taken me a while but I now have a whopping 140 points. I think it will take me a while to get to 6500 points. Each search is worth 1 point and then you can get extra points if you vote on the relevancy of the search results and comment on the results page. You can also earn 25% of the points your friends earn, so refer friends and earn points.

The best thing about Scour isn’t the money.

For each search, Scour lists the page rank for Google, Yahoo and MSN search for every page.  Webmasters can use this feature to find out where their site ranks for the searches users type in to search engines.

Looking at the stats for this site, I noticed one of the search strings that brought people here was ‘kids eat free Seattle’. One look at Scour and I see that my blog post about kids eating free in Seattle has a Google page rank of 3 but no page rank at all for MSN and Yahoo.

Sign up for Scour! Every 4 points helps me too! 😉


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