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Too Many Installment Accounts Lowering Credit Score

The credit score sites have a wizard that attempts to tell the customer what is lowering their credit score. The big one on mine appears to be my student loans. For some reason my student loans were broken up into 10 installment accounts. Different kinds of loans I guess, but still. I’ve been paying them off using the Dave Ramsey method of paying the smallest ones first but I still have 7 loans. Now, I don’t really need a higher credit score right now but if I did, I would either have to pay off some more of those loans or consolidate. The last time I looked into consolidation, it looked like some of the benefits of student loans would be erased, such as the ability to easily defer and loan forgiveness in case of death or permanent disability.

I should look into consolidation again.


August 22, 2008 - Posted by | credit score, Student Loans | ,

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