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Chase is making changes

I just noticed that Chase charged me a service fee on my “free” checking account. Gave them a call and they claimed to have sent me an updated ToS with the fee change. So I can either do a monthly direct deposit into that account or keep $1500 on hand. I sit here wondering why my monthly money transfer doesn’t count as direct deposit. If the definition is an automatic ACH transfer each month, my GIRO transfer should be equivalent, after all I do pay a monthly service fee on that transfer.

Guess this means another call to Chase.

You know, if they didn’t act so sneaky, I probably wouldn’t hate them so much.


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More Spent on Overdraft Fees Than Fresh Veggies

Americans spent more money on overdraft fees than on fresh vegetables or books last year. No wonder banks love them overdraft fees and loath to do away with them.

The Center for Responsible Lending issued a report stating that Americans spent almost 24 billion dollars in overdraft fees last year. The banks’ reply? It is better than being embarrassed at the checkout. Not really but rationalize it any way you want, banker.

There are pretty pictures at this write up at BusinessInsider.

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Mechanic Called

And it looks like our ’96 Toyota needs about $1000 worth of work. The noise I was hearing was the mounts on the front struts, both needing to be replaced ($660). The squeaking of the belts meant the belts needed to be replaced ($100) and we need new motor mounts on the car ($200). I knew the front end noise would be expensive and figured the belts need to be replaced.

I can do the AC and alternator belt but I don’t want to do the timing belt so I am just having the mechanic do all 3. I know from experience that the belts are about $25 each at a parts store so I don’t think I would save much by doing it myself.

Believe it or not, I have done struts and motor mounts before. They took me all day. I just don’t have that kind of time (or childcare) right now.

Fortunately I saved $2,000 out of the tax return just in case. I was planning on sending it to the auto loan place and I am a little disappointed that I can’t pay down the auto loan by that much. Oh well, such is life. We have saved so much with that little car, I can’t begrudge it the repairs.

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