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Cash For Clunkers & Selling Our Used Car

This is the last weekend for the Cash for Clunkers program – where the government pays for trading in older cars in exchange for cash toward a new car with better gas mileage. This is also the weekend where we try to sell both of our cars.

Friends have taunted us, saying that we will never sell our cars this weekend because everyone will be looking for a new one under the Cash for Clunkers program. A woman looked at our Hyundai last night and she told us of an interesting side effect of the program. There aren’t any Toyotas available here. She noticed we have a Corolla as well and asked about it. It is a 1996 so she wasn’t interested but she did mention she looked for a Toyota first and couldn’t find one because of the program.

For those who are curious, she did agree to buy the Hyundai but we are waiting for her to return with the cashier’s check and no deal is done until cash is in hand.

Fingers crossed! Our car loan will be paid in full as soon as we sell it.


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