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Don’t Forget Your Raincheck

This morning I headed to my local grocery store for a few items, including bulk raw almonds. They were on sale for $3.99 a pound, which is an incredible price so of course they were out. I asked the checker if there were any more in the back and she said no, but I can give you a raincheck. I was all, whaaaa? I didn’t know stores gave rainchecks anymore on out of stock sale items.

My lesson today: ask about rainchecks.


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Coupon Confessions

Or why I don’t make a very good woman.

I suck at cutting coupons. There I said it. I feel better, I really do. I don’t take the newspaper because I think it is a waste of trees so I have to remember to visit websites to print them out. That never happens. Since I cook from scratch I have no use for 12 packages of pop tarts. Now if they had coupons for cans of beans, I’d be all over it. My frugal friends can get $100 knocked off their grocery bill and I have to admit I am a little envious. Add this to the list of things I don’t know how to do (sewing and gardening top the list) and one might wonder what I can do. I can program!

For those who like meat or prepackaged foods, try The Grocery Game.

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Bed Bath and Beyond Accepts Expired Coupons

Today I really needed a garbage can with a lid. I thought to myself that I have about 10 coupons to Bed Bath and Beyond so I should just take one and go. The coupons I get in the mail for Bed Bath and Beyond are 20% off one item. Perfect! I only need one garbage can and those puppies can be pricey. When I looked around, the only coupons I could find expired 3 days ago.

The husband told me to call BB&B and ask if they’d accept the expired coupons. No way would they accept expired coupons but they told me they do! So I got 20% off my overpriced garbage can. Woo hoo!

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