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2008 Roundup – The Good, The Bad, The Paid Off

Last year was a little crazy and here are the highlights:

The Good – After being laid off, husband found full time employment in his field. The salary is high enough for us to live and continue paying off debt although not as high as my position. Yes, I make more money than my husband. Or at least I did. His new job comes with awesome health insurance to replace the crappy self-insured plan.

The Bad – On October 1, I was laid off from my sweet, sweet job. Since then I have been looking for another high paid, telecommuting, flex hours position but surprise! there aren’t any.

The Paid Off – In 2008, I paid off $10,155.87 of debt. One full credit card, a bunch of student loan payments and almost 1/2 a car loan. Now that husband is employed and not in school fulltime, we need to pay husband’s student loans. There are 3 of them and total about $450. They should die quickly and painlessly.

My hope for 2009? Less drama-rific than 2008.


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Busy, Busy Bee

I’ve been working harder as an unemployed person than when I was employed. The job market is looking pretty limp right now. I’m sure I have more to say but first I need more coffee.

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Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Gee, that is a toss up. Tomorrow is my last day at work and I almost have everything wrapped up. I put together a kick ass resume and sent it out to all my contacts. I joined LinkedIn, Monster and hoping something would pan out there.

For those that don’t know, I was laid off a week ago as of the end of the month. It was a surprise to my boss as well as to me and I don’t really wanna go. The status quo was nice. I am good at my job and the benes were great. *sigh*

On the financial front, due to a quirk in my employment status, I cannot receive unemployment. I have have about 2 months in savings at our previous spending rate. We have cut out everything non-essential and I have a couple good leads on jobs. If nothing else, I’ll go to Starbucks until I can find something more lucrative.

My debt snowballing will have to stop until I have found employment. I have reduced automatic payments to the minimum for the time being. Tomorrow I have to call about 1 student loan but it looks like I have paid almost $9000 in debt since January. *woo hoo*

In related news, the stock market fell 777 points today after the House of Representatives rejected the bailout bill.

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