Saving money to pay off student loans and consumer debt

Paying off Husband’s Baby Student Loan

Now that husband is employed and not enrolled in school, it is time to pay his student loans. Good thing they are itty-bitty compared to mine. So I decided to pay off the loans by mystery shopping and writing articles. As the beaucoup bux goes into my paypal account, I will send it off to the loan company.

Husband’s Student Loans


So far I earned $20 hitting the computer store down the street from my house and writing about the interaction. It will take up to 2 months to get the money but when I do get it, off to loan #1…


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Make Extra Money Mystery Shopping

When I was out of work a few years ago, I earned a little bit of extra cash (and free food!) mystery shopping. Generally the pay is pretty low per visit but it is fun to do and if you are opinionated like me, it is a good part time gig. Last night someone pointed me to a big, free list of mystery shopping companies. I signed up for a few and have already found a couple of shops.

With gas prices as high as they are, I am only signing up for shops near my house. Fortunately there are several.

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