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Mechanic Called

And it looks like our ’96 Toyota needs about $1000 worth of work. The noise I was hearing was the mounts on the front struts, both needing to be replaced ($660). The squeaking of the belts meant the belts needed to be replaced ($100) and we need new motor mounts on the car ($200). I knew the front end noise would be expensive and figured the belts need to be replaced.

I can do the AC and alternator belt but I don’t want to do the timing belt so I am just having the mechanic do all 3. I know from experience that the belts are about $25 each at a parts store so I don’t think I would save much by doing it myself.

Believe it or not, I have done struts and motor mounts before. They took me all day. I just don’t have that kind of time (or childcare) right now.

Fortunately I saved $2,000 out of the tax return just in case. I was planning on sending it to the auto loan place and I am a little disappointed that I can’t pay down the auto loan by that much. Oh well, such is life. We have saved so much with that little car, I can’t begrudge it the repairs.


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