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Free Bone Marrow Registry Thru Sept 22nd

My friend’s neice is 4 years old and already had a bone marrow transplant. She was born with an immune disorder that needed to be treated immediately. Although she wasn’t a match for anyone in her family, a stranger on the bone marrow donor registry was.

I have always wanted to register just in case I was ever a match for someone looking for bone marrow but the $50 price tag for testing was kind of steep. Every few months there is a donor drive where companies pay for testing costs and all the potential donor needs to do is provide cheek swabs and some background information.

Right now, NASCAR is sponsoring a new registrants to cover the costs. You don’t even need to go in person to fill out the forms, you can do it all online and through the mail.


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Student Loan APR Decrease

My student loan APR went from 8% down to 5% and I didn’t even notice. Today when I got my statement, I looked it over and noticed the different interest rate. Woo hoo! I wasn’t even trying. 😉 The interest on my student loans is variable so all I can think is a change in the prime rate changed my interest rate.

I did notice some discrepancies with the balances of the student loans so I will have to contact the company tomorrow and ask them about it.

Edited: Received a letter from the student loan company. They lowered my interest rate but didn’t say why. They also sent new coupon books. Between the paid off loan and the lower interest rate, I am saving $60 a month to put toward my debt snowball.

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