Saving money to pay off student loans and consumer debt

Paying off Husband’s Baby Student Loan

Now that husband is employed and not enrolled in school, it is time to pay his student loans. Good thing they are itty-bitty compared to mine. So I decided to pay off the loans by mystery shopping and writing articles. As the beaucoup bux goes into my paypal account, I will send it off to the loan company.

Husband’s Student Loans


So far I earned $20 hitting the computer store down the street from my house and writing about the interaction. It will take up to 2 months to get the money but when I do get it, off to loan #1…


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Earning Extra Cash Writing Articles

I’ve been writing articles for extra cash at They pay somewhere between $4 and $8 per article plus some extra for each page view. The pay isn’t great but it goes right into my Paypal account and I can send that money to debt. is another site for freelance writers but unlike Associated Content, Suite101 has strict requirements. This site requires an application complete with sample writing. If you are accepted, they have a required minimum number of articles per month. Suite101 also doesn’t pay per article, only on ad clicks, however the upside is higher for authors committed to publicizing.

Both sites do pay.

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