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ING Direct Closed Our Account!

Apparently they will not allow their customers to live outside the United States. Who knew? That is fine, the husband called trying to get access to our money and they decided to go ahead and transfer it back to our checking account at another bank. They got wind that we were moving to Europe and promptly closed the account.


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Buy an iPhone or be a Millionaire

The Joy of Tech cartoon depicting the decision to buy a new iPhone or invest the money and retire a millionaire.

The analysis of the computation is pretty interesting too. But is it accurate? It seems the big assumption is the interest rate of the index fund being 10%. This hasn’t been my experience for the last 8 years but maybe going forward…

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Opening ING Direct Savings

After I deposited my tax refund, I opened an ING Direct savings account. Since I got a referral, they added $25 to my savings account for making an initial deposit of $250. I deposited $750 that will go toward paying off the WAMU credit card after the interest starts accruing in November. Until then I will be earning interest on the money. OK, very little interest given the current interest rates but still.

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