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Beco Butterfly I on Sale – $89.95

Becos are a soft baby carrier (no, not the Bjorn!) that generally run about $140. My SIL is having a baby and I have scoured the web for a reasonably priced, new Beco that is pretty. The search started several months ago and I just now found one.

The Martini print Beco Butterfly I is available at Little Mountain Outfitters for a reasonable $89.95 plus shipping ($12 for ground).

I had budgeted $100 for my SIL’s carrier and I came in just above at $101.95. Oh and I chose the Beco over the Ergo for my SIL because she is on the short side and from what I’ve heard shorter women do better with the Beco. Besides, it is pretty and so is my SIL.


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Dave Ramsey Books On Sale

Dave Ramsey’s books, including The Total Money Makeover (TTMM) are on sale on Dave Ramsey’s website.  Of course the library is free and there are also a bunch of Dave Ramsey’s radio shows on YouTube (also free). Maybe being gazelle intense should start with not buying the book. 😉

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